2CA celebrates 80 years On Air in Canberra

November 14, 2011 - 2CA celebrated our 80th Anniversary.

We wish to thank you for your well wishes over the phone, through email, social media and in person - it really has been a great day for reflection - and to think just how far 2CA has come from it's humble beginnings in 1931.

Greg 'Robbo' Robson had the privilege of talking one-on-one with George Barlin - 2CA's first employee, hired by AJ Ryan. Take a listen to some of the highlights from the interview, plus segments that didn't make it to air from the interview, where George really has a lot more to tell than airtime will allow!

We've also included a few classic jingles, commercials and other fun bits of audio, and more in our Classic 2CA photo gallery. Times have certainly changed!