Australian Dragon Boat Championships Canberra 2019 (AusChamps 2019)

Wednesday 17 April 2019, 08:00am
To Monday 22 April 2019

The Dragons of AusChamps are coming to the ACT in 2019

The 2019 Australian Dragon Boat Championships (AusChamps) will be held in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). AusChamps is Australia’s premier Dragon Boating event in which clubs from all States compete against one another for the title of National Champion. This event will host around 3,500 competitors from all registered States and Territories of Australia competing across a broad range of categories, with 50 teams racing per day every five minutes, during its five days.
Dragon boat racing consists of teams racing in human-powered fiberglass watercraft dressed with decorative Chinese dragon heads and tails. The standard dragon boats are 12 metres long, weighing up to 250kg, with twenty people abreast, along with a sweep to steer at the rear, and a drummer on the front who drums the pace of the race. Considered one of the oldest sports in the world, conceived in China over 2000 years ago, today Dragon Boating in Australia represents a truly multicultural activity practiced by more than 25,000 paddlers.
It is dynamic, unique, culturally diverse international sport, and an exciting opportunity to meet with family and friends to support your favourite Australian team. Mark the date, come and experience the power of the Dragons. #DragonsAreComingACT

Location Rowing Course, Weston Park, Yarralumla (on Lake Burley Griffin), Canberra, ACT
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