National Endangered Skills seminar

Saturday 13 July 2019, 06:00pm - 08:30pm

Join us for the Endangered Skills seminar, a celebration of artisans, makers and repairers. Learn how bookbinders, taxidermists and even locksmiths can provide skills and solutions for an innovative future.

Guest speakers:

Jan Muller, NFSA
Robin Tait, bookbinder, The Tait Bindary
Natalie Delaney-John, taxidermist, Rest in Pieces
Aaron Smith, heritage locksmith, The Keyhole Surgeon
Garry Mclaughlin, French polisher, The Traditional Furniture Restorer
Scott McMillan, craftsman plasterer, McMillan Heritage Plastering
David Hallam, conservator
Victoria Pearce, conservator, Endangered Heritage

This event is part of the National Endangered Skills and Trades show at The Fitters Workshop, Kingston.

Cost: Free
Bookings essential: Eventbrite (fees apply)
Visions Theatre, National Museum of Australia

Location National Museum of Australia
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