Aug 13 2019

Liberals push for ACT properties to be protected from Vegan activists


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There are concerns farming properties in the ACT could become a target for vegan activists if the Territory does not adopt similar legislation to New South Wales.

Hefty fines of more than $200,000 will apply to protesters who trespass on farming properties and pose a biosecurity risk.

Shadow Minister for Business and Employment Andrew Wall says the ACT will become a prime target if protesters don't have to worry about hefty fines in the Territory.

"This motion has been under consideration for a number of weeks since we saw the spike of incidents across the border and certainly when tougher penalties were starting to be discussed in New South Wales and at the Commonwealth level," Mr Wall said.

"I think it's dependent upon all States and Territories to do what they can do within their legislative powers to ensure that the protections are there for people who make investments in business within the Territory," he said.

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