Captain Cash - Let the Winning Continue

Captain Cash returns to 2CA, with thanks to Riteway Curtains & Blinds.

Listen at 7.15 each morning to hear Holmsey & Jen announce the day's winning song. Then stay tuned as the cash jackpot grows and grows and grows until the winning song is played.

When you hear the day's winning song, text your name and "2CA" to 0428 811 455.

We'll draw one entrant to call back. Answer within 5 rings with the phrase, "GIVE ME THE CASH" to win the jackpot.

Save the number in your phone - 0428 811 455. The winning never stops with Captain Cash on Forever Classic 2CA.

It's all thanks to Riteway Curtains & Blinds Fyshwick and Yass. Discover the energy saving Duett Shades from Riteway.

Captain Cash is a Capital Radio Network-wide promotion, play weekdays 17 -28 May 2021.

 View the Captain Cash Contest Terms & Conditions

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