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  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen and table manners - 07/12/2021
    Are table manners out of date or unnecessary? Holmsey and Jen remember their family's and own etiquette at the table. Alistair used to have to wait till all the women of the table finished before he was allowed to and Kay reminded us never to lick the knife! Don't slurp spaghetti, put your knife and fork together, put your phone away, don't slouch, eat with your mouth closed - what were and are your table manners essentials?
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen and the ultimate dress return story - 02/12/2021
    Many of you will have have or do work in retail. There is a wealth of stories about products being brought back. Jen tells the single most extraordinary story about a returned dress that you will ever hear.
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen milking it..... - 01/12/2021
    There was a critical milk shortage at 2CA which resulted in a supermarket variety being purchased. Jen, unwittingly, used this milk in her coffee and couldn't drink it. She can pick her milks just by taste. Holmsey's family had a dairy farm. As a result he doesn't drink the stuff anymore. Our listeners Dave, Michelle and Roy all had opinions on the best types of milk, with Roy's reason's for choosing long life legendary.
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen and Bertie Beetle - 24/11/2021
    Jen isn't impressed with changes to Bertie Beetle from a beetle to a strange man (pictured) Brian calls. His uncle, Tommy Carter, still going strong in his 90s, invented the Bertie Beetle. And the secret ingredients blow Holmsey and Jen's minds!
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen and VEGEMITE - fridge or cupboard? - 22/11/2021
    Never have we had a more divisive topic! Jen can’t imagine massacring fresh white bread with cold, hard vegemite. Holmsey loves cold vegemite on warm toast with butter. It lives in the cupboard at work. Let’s not mention that the sauce should be in the fridge Where do you keep yours?
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen and caller Steve - 19/11/2021
    On the Classic Breakfast Friday morning Steve call us. He'd just returned to work after COVID and health issues. He was in Lyneham when his vehicle, a 1998 Nissan Patrol, was taken as he was unloading.  Rego is YNB 27G. If you see it call police on 131 444. We're seeking to reunite Steve with his vehicle, tools and livelihood. This is not in the spirit of #kenbehrens
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen and Chris Cranston - Curator of the Threads of Policing exhibition at CMAG - 14/11/2021
    Holmsey and Jen speak with Chris Cranston who has been the curator of the AFP museum for 20 years about the current AFP Threads of Policing exhibition.  Chris bought with her a couple of items, one - signage from the Bali bombing and also some face identikits dating back to the 1970s (it's all done via photoshop now). She also speaks of the quilts, which are at the heart of the exhibition, the Thai cave rescues and the hunt for Flight MH17. The Threads of Policing is on at Canberra Museum and Gallery until March 5, 2022
  • Forever Classic 2CA - 90th birthday! - 14/11/2021
    Happy 90th Birthday 2CA! This podcast episode features past and present announcers including John Kerr, Penny Evans, Lissa McMillan, Mike Larkan and Greg (Robbo) Robson.  Memories of the 1993 Jolimont Centre seige, spontaneous head shaves, Robbo's memorable groin injury and the novice basketballers The 2CA Herbettes winning an unexpected Grand Final. Listeners contribute their special moments over the years and there's a few celebrity guests as well.
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen and Kim restores our faith in humanity and Ken Behrens - 12/11/2021
    This week a listener Kim was involved in a car accident, that is part of ongoing police investigations. Kim rang to thank those who stopped to help, kept her calm and stayed by her side. She mentioned the words of one young mum who aided her, words which made Holmsey and Jen grateful for the territory we call home and its people.
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen and naughty no no words. - 11/11/2021
    Jen has the most remarkable teenager. He doesn't swear. Jen however is not so well behaved. Listen to how she ended up donating $4 to the family swear jar, having to add extra to bribe her son not to dob on her to her other son (who also doesn't swear!)
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey and Jen and sexy Princess Anne - 09/11/2021
    After Camilla Parker Bowles "encounter" with Joe Biden, Jen found it refreshing to hear a young man's very different response when he met Princess Anne. #holmseyandjen #foreverclassic2CA
  • Forever Classic 2CA - Holmsey, Barnesy, Jane and Jen - 03/11/2021
    Holmsey and Jen interview Jane and Jimmy Barnes about their new cook book Where the River Bends. Jen has cooked up a couple of recipes introducing Holmsey to "breakfast soup" as Jen calls it (Jane and Jim call it khao tom goong). Holmsey and Barnsey bond over brussels sprouts and Jane and Jimmy talk about why (outside of the cover of the book) they won't be canoe-odling together anytime again soon!

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