Canberra's 2CA is broadcasting on Digital Radio

It brings to Canberra the benefits of digital quality audio, robust transmission and significantly improved functionality to your radio listening experience.

Compared with analogue radio, Digital Radio brings the listener a high quality interactive experience. It's the future of radio broadcasting in Australia!

Please click here for the latest Digital Radio Start Up Notification dated 25th June 2019. We welcome your feedback about your experience listening to Digital Radio.

Radio Works
Digital Radio
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Digital Radio FAQ

Q: How is Digital Radio different to existing radio?
A: Reception and audio quality is better, plus a new range of added features.

Q:What are these added features?
A: Digital Radios come in all shapes and sizes and have an array of features. Basic features may include live pause/rewind, scrolling text and images. High end models can include CD player, wifi/bluetooth, internet radio, MP3 and/or ipod dock included.

Q: Can I use my existing radio to listen to Digital Radio?
A: No. You'll need a DAB+ receiver

Q: Will you turn off 1053 AM?
A: No. There has been no switch off date indicated by the Government.

Q: Are there Digital Car radios available?
A: Yes there are.Click hereto read about in car DAB+ radios available.

Q: Where can I buy a Digital Radio, and where do prices start?
A: See our list below. Prices generally start at around $40.

Digital Radio Retailers

Click a link below to see offers on Digital Radios by the following businesses.

updated 15 December 2011.

Please remember, 2CA is not responsible for these prices or the content of external websites.