A.C.T. Health Figures Criticised


The Territory’s opposition is again criticising the A.C.T. government over long health wait lists.

Figures released show most outpatients in general surgery continued to be overdue for their appointments.

The study of the October numbers showe more than 85 per cent of category one outpatients for general surgery at Canberra Health Services were overdue for their appointments.

The average wait time for appointments for those outpatients was 213 days, when the recommended time frame for category one patients is supposed to be only 30 days.

For gastroenterology, 96 per cent of urgent outpatients were overdue for their appointments. The recommended time frame for urgent outpatients is 14 days but people waited on average 87 days.

Opposition health spokeswoman Leanne Castley has told the Capital Radio Network, the latest wait list figures showed the situation is getting worse..

Ms Castley first aired concerns over outpatient wait lists last month

An analysis conducted by Ms Castley’s office said the number of overdue outpatients increased from 23,065 in March to 24,972 in October.

Speaking on radio – “I’m astounded the minister thinks the ACT is doing better on outpatient waiting times when the situation is clearly getting worse,” Ms Castley said.

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