A.C.T. to help impacted Optus customers


A reminder that free new drivers licences are being offered to Canberrans affected by the recent Optus hack but there’s a catch on to get one.
The ACT government says Access Canberra has established a dedicated team to work directly with those who’ve been impacted.
The fee to replace a card is $42.60, which Optus has agreed to credit
Every A.C.T. drivers licence  includes two separate number fields that, since September 1st, are used together, and match, to verify a person’s identity.
Optus has advised the ACT government that a small number of territory residents have had both numbers released in the data breach.
The phone carrier says  these people are most at risk of identity theft or fraud.
A.C.T Business minister Tara Cheyne said Access Canberra will prioritise those who have had both their licence number and card number compromised in the breach.

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