A Head Start for Students


The ACT government launched its new Head Start program, which aims to give students a pathway to school-based apprenticeships.

It’s hoped the program will help young people to stay, and finish their apprenticeships, thus bolstering their respective chosen industries.

There has been a strong uptake in the program already, and students are able to move into training for hospitality, automotive trades, construction and carpentry, and light metal fabrication.

Education Minister Yvette Berry said the program gives support to employers as well as the students.

“These are young people, they haven’t had a lot of experience in work so this is about wrapping around those supports to keep the student engaged, keep the employer supportive, and providing those supports to allow students to stay on with their apprenticeship, and continue with their year 12 certificate,” said Ms Berry.

She said these students are also able to take a third year to complete the program if they wish to do so.

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