ACT Government To Clarify Future Of Mask Wearing


The ACT Government is expected to make an announcement this week regarding the future of mask wearing restriction in the Territory.

The government is looking to mirror similar changes in New South Wales, which later this week will only require masks in public transport, hospitals and aged care, on planes or inside airports, correctional facilities, and indoor music festivals.

Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith says there is a few things to consider.

“Whether we will mirror New South Wales and require masks to be worn in settings like public transport, or whether we will stay a bit firmer on the restrictions,” Ms Stephen-Smith said.

A man in his 80s has become the 33rd person to die from Covid-19 in the ACT. 37 people are in hospital with the virus in the Territory. 1 is in the ICU on a ventilator. 458 cases have been recorded since the last report, almost two thirds of those were confirmed via a rapid antigen test.


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