ACT Policing continues with border check point operations


ACT Policing have continued with their enforcement of ACT Public Health Directions over the weekend with RBT style check points set up at Commonwealth Avenue, Limestone Avenue, Lady Denman Drive and Clarrie Hermes Drive.

One driver failed to stop at the Lady Denman Drive and another at Clarrie Hermes Drive checkpoints.

A 32-year-old Taylor woman is due to face court today on a number of charges for dangerously passing police as they were setting up the Clarrie Hermes Drive check point. Investigations are continuing for the driver who failed to stop at the Lady Denman Drive checkpoint.

ACT Policing COVID-19 Taskforce’s Detective Superintendent Rohan Smith said this type of behavior was unacceptable and reminded drivers of the importance of slowing down when passing emergency vehicles.

“If you see red and blue flashing lights, you must slow down to 40km/h to pass stationary or slow moving emergency vehicles, this includes traffic near COVID 19 check points,” Detective Superintendent Smith said.

“ACT Policing’s temporary road check-points show the community that we can be anywhere at any time.

“We’ll continue to conduct random patrols to help educate people and enforce the new Public Health Directions and keep our community safe.”

For the most recent information on the ACT’s COVID-19 restrictions, visit the COVID-19 website changes to restrictions page.