ACT Policing warn against disaster tourism


ACT Policing is urging the Canberra community not to take part in disaster tourism.

At about 7.30 last night, Police received a request for assistance after a woman fell into the swollen river at Kambah Pools.

The woman moved closer to the river to take a photo and slipped on the wet rocks and fell into the fast flowing water.

She was swept further down the river until she was able to secure herself on a tree.

Detective Inspector Simon Coady said the message was simple – stay away from drains, floodwaters and swollen rivers.

“The woman rescued from Kambah Pool was lucky to escape with no major injury because today we could have been talking about a very different outcome,” Detective Inspector Coady said.

“There is no photo or social media post that is worth risking your life to get.

“Any water rescue puts the lives of not only of yourself but those of emergency services personnel at risk.

“While the rain may have eased today, rivers and flooded areas will take some time to subside so in the coming days we are still urging people to avoid those areas.”

Police are reminding the community that even though the worst of the rain has passed, river and creek catchments are soaked, so it may only take a small amount of rain for levels to rise again quickly.