Bonza Plan: “A Service to be Proud Of”


It wasn’t a good December for Bonza Airways or the passengers who suffered flight cancellations.

It all hit as the airline was continuing negotiations for a possible service with Canberra.

Then, came the report card, released earlier this week, looking at the December rankings of on-time performances and cancellations involving Australian airlines.

Bonza’s teething problems were revealed with cancellations due to regulatory delays, which figures revealed almost show one in five flights being scrubbed.

Despite a little bit of turbulence,  the airline boss remains upbeat with plans for success in 2024, with a service to be proud of.

In an exclusive with this reporter,  C.E.O. Tim Jordan has since released the following statement:

Bonza is focused on demonstrating to customers that we can and will provide both affordable and reliable air travel. Our December 2023 cancellations and OTP mostly resulted from the well publicised delays in receiving regulatory approval related to aircraft operating out of our new Gold Coast base.

Since receiving the necessary approvals, we’ve seen a substantial improvement in performance with January OTP at 76% and January cancellations at 1.66% as at 21 January 2024. When looking at December, if we isolate the Gold Coast performance, our cancellation rate for the remainder of our network was 3.75%. 

In the months prior to the Gold Coast base opening, we had excellent results with October marking a 0.3% cancellation rate, September 0% and August 0.6%. We’re working towards getting back to these figures, or better, and giving our customers the kind of service they deserve and we can all be proud of”.

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