Call for Greater Species Protection


Canberra environmentalists are calling on BOTH the ACT Government AND the Commonwealth to protect – what they say are the city’s most endangered species, – living on sites targeted for new construction works.

Defence housing, an airport expansion and even a new residence for the Prime Minister look set to be built on the sites…..

Several key grassland and woodland locations total 861 hectares on both ACT and Commonwealth land.

The list includes the North Lawson grasslands in Belconnen; – the Majura Firing Range; Majura Valley West, including the area around the Campbell Park offices; – Stirling Park, Yarralumla; and grasslands on Limestone Avenue in Ainslie… just to name a few…

President of Friends of Grasslands, Professor Jamie Pittock from the ANU’s Fenner School of the Environment, says both governments had promised to conserve threatened habitat in 2023.
He says it’s now 2024 – and it’s the year to deliver…

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