Canberra Hit By Overnight Cold Snap


We’ll have to wait until the end of the month to see if it’s the coldest start to a Canberra winter, but early temperatures show we are well on the way.

This morning was a surprise for many Canberrans who were expecting a mild night, only to shiver through temperatures below minus 4°C. So far the average temperature is 2.5°C below the average temperature for the first two weeks of June, than it was at this time last year.

Runner Scotty Imhoff wasn’t deterred by the freezing conditions this morning, heading out to the Cotter for a run, which included a dip while going through Vanity’s Crossing.

“The thing things we do for what we love doing,” Mr Imhoff said.

“The minus 5°C (feel like  minus 7.7) made Vanity’s Crossing a bit fresh. But I enjoyed every minute of the run.”

For those that have grown up in the city or lived in it long enough, they’ll tell you the current temperatures are mild compared to what is to come, with July the coldest month on the Canberra calendar.


Photo – Scotty Imhoff

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