Canberra locals urged to donate plasma


Canberra locals are being urged to roll up their sleeves and donate plasma.

Lifeblood is aiming for 450 plasma donations in Canberra every week during October.

600 plasma medications and transfusions are sent to Canberra hospitals every week.

A growing number of patients relying on them for the treatment of cancer, immune disorders, haemophilia, trauma, and kidney disease.

Canberra is home to one of only two blood donor centres nationally that are dedicated to plasma donations.

The centre in Civic is one of Australia’s top 3 when it comes to the amount of plasma collected every year.

Lifeblood is also thanking the more than 5000 Canberra residents who have donated plasma during the pandemic.

The donations ensure hundreds of clinically vulnerable patients continue to receive the plasma and plasma medications.

To book a donation, visit Lifeblood’s website

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