Canberra Raiders Round One Look


As expected, the Canberra Raiders are going with a mix of young blood and seniors for Thursday’s NRL opening clash with Newcastle.

Zac Hosking comes into the side replacing Elliott Whitehead, who’ll miss the next month or so because of a calf injury.

Morgan Smithies also takes to the field…

JOE TAPINE’s been named Captain… and Jamal Fogarty remains in his role as Vice captain…

a host of regulars remains on the list.

Raiders Coach RICKY STUART’s already quoted as saying.. the new look squad for 2024 is a rebuild – and a regrowth of the Green Machine.

The List:

1. Jordan Rapana

2. Nick Cotric

3. Matt Timoko

4. Albert Hopoate

5. Xavier Savage

6. Ethan Strange

7. Jamal Fogarty

8. Josh Papalii

9. Danny Levi

10. Joe Tapine (c)

11. Hudson Young

12. Zac Hosking

13. Morgan Smithies

14. Tom Starling

15. Emre Guler

16. Ata Mariota

17. Pasami Saulo

18. Kaeo Weekes

19. Simi Sasagi

20. Zac Woolford

21. James Schiller

22. Trey Mooney

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