CIT Procurement Process Brought Into Question


CIT appeared to ignore advice from the ACT Government’s procurement board on a near $5 million contract.

Documents also released by the government show the organisation appeared to want to award Patrick Hollingworth a contract, without an open tender process.

The near $5 million contract is now under fire from the opposition, government and the public, after it was awarded by CIT in March, and it appears more than a third of the contract has already been paid, under an invoice dated in April under ‘business change consultancy’.

CIT met with Procurement ACT in November, with both parties agreeing to an open tender process, another meeting was also held in December, where CIT was warned a single select approach could risk significant criticism.

The tender was released on January 17 and was open for three weeks, with three responses were received, with Mr Hollingworth’s company Think Garden given the contract.

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