Colder for Longer – Pets are feeling it


Just a little bit longer….

Cold overnights and early mornings will remain in Canberra – atleast this weekend… and the start of the working week, before things warm up again.

This week’s cold-front has been a welcomed relief for the snowfields

Forecaster Garbrielle Woodhouse says we’ve got freezing temperatures expected atleast again tomorrow – Monday and Tuesday… especially just before Sun Rise each day

….and with our cold nights and early mornings…   A.C.T. Pet owners are being reminded to look out for their furry family members,

Young, old, and frail pets need extra care, and smaller animals like rabbits and guinea pigs should be brought inside — to avoid their body temperature dropping dangerously low.

The RSPCA’S Emma Lagoon says if you can feel the cold, so can they

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