Controversy Continues Over A.I.S.


The A.C.T.’s Chief Minister has thrown his weight behind moves to keep the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.

Andrew Barr says a recent review into the future of the Australian Institute of Sport should confirm the best option is to re-invest in its Canberra Campus… considering its 45 year history in the national capital.

The chief minister says moving the instutute was activiely considered by the previous Coalition government.

He says a renewed facility staying in Canberra is the cheapest and quickest option.

It’s a move supported by A.C.T. Senator DAVID POCOCK

A two month review, commissioned by the Federal Government, will look into infrastructure needs for the facility.

A proposed relocation of the A-I-S was proposed, costing over 1-BILLION-dollars, while renovations would come at nearly half that cost.

Senator Pocock says there’s no need to have this discussion

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