Crackdown at Canberra Airport


Canberra Airport’s gearing up for one of the busiest travelling times of the year while Federal Police crackdown on unruly passengers.

Arrive at the airport early – that’s the general message….

Canberra airport’s about to witness its busiest period in the lead up to Christmas.

Morning flights remain quite popular and heavy.

Travellers are also being warned of a crackdown by Federal Police…

Federal Police Assistant Commissioner ALSON WEGG says arrests WILL be made.

Canberra Airport will see an increased presence of officers in uniform over the Christmas period.

The crackdown comes as Virgin Australia gets named as the airline with the most cancelled flights, with chaos expected to continue through the new year.

The airline apologised to customers after their cancellation rate surpassed 5.6 percent, admitting it is below their standards.


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