Data breach study


We’re being reminded to stay vigilant with personal information after a Canberra study revealed ONE in three Australians have been exposed to a data breach in the last 12 months.

The finding were revealed in a new study from The Australian National University.
In a survey of almost 3500 adults, 32.1 per cent admitted they – or a member of their household – had been the victim of a data breach.

The study comes hot on the hells of recent high profile cyber-attcks… including the Optus and Medibank.

The A.N.U. study suggests cyberattacks are one of the fastest growing types of crime now faced by Australians.

By comparison, the A.N.U. survey revealed, only 11.2 per cent of Australians had been the victim of serious crimes – like burglary or assault in the last five years.


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