Fighting the Native Fish Decline


The ACT government is seeking to ease the pressure on the territory’s waterways, and conserve their native fish populations.

Water Minister, Shane Rattenbury announced a draft, five-year fish stocking plan, which will seek to balance recreational fishing opportunities with conservation efforts.

Mr Rattenbury said there will be regulation updates on the take limit for Golden Perch, restricted areas for Murray Cod, classifications of trout waters, and prohibited waters.

Environment Minister, Rebecca Vassarotti said this plan creates the greater fisheries management required to tackle the decline in the ACT’s fish population.

“The proposed stocking plan will guide the stocking of Murray Cod and Golden Perch into Lake Ginninderra, Lake Tuggeranong, Gungalin Pond, and Yerrabi Pond at a cost of $25,000 per annum,” said Ms Vassarotti.

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