Financial Downgrade Questioned


The ACT Opposition Leader says the state of the territory’s finances isn’t good enough, following the downgrade of our credit rating by S&P.

Canberra’s rating was lowered from triple-A, to double-A last month.

A report, obtained by the Canberra Liberals shows the ACT’s tax-supported debt will peak at 163-per cent in 20-24.

Liberals Leader and Shadow Treasurer Elizabeth Lee has blamed the rating slip on the Chief Minister.

The Canberra Liberals say the downgrading of the territory’s credit rating speaks volumes as to how our finances are managed.

Last month, S&P Global Ratings lowered the credit rating from triple-A to double-A, as a result of our slower than forecast budget recovery from the pandemic.

Opposition Leader and Shadow Treasurer Elizabeth Lee says Canberrans will be suffering the consequences of poor economic management.

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