Government responds to claims of planning delays


Planning minister Mick Gentleman says the government is continuing to work carefully through thousands of submissions on its District Strategies and Territory Plan.

If follows criticisms by Canberra Liberal’s MLA Peter Cain, who claims the minister has failed to meet his own deadline for releasing the reforms.

Mr Cain says the planning minister told the Assembly in June that the plans would be finalised “in the next month.”

In a statement, Minister Gentleman says “the government received over 3,000 pieces of feedback on the draft district strategies and Territory Plan during public consultation.”

“Over the past few months, the Government has been carefully considering the extensive feedback,” Mr Gentleman says.

“The Cabinet is currently considering the revised Territory Plan and District Strategies and they will be introduced into the Assembly once this process has been completed.”

Master Builders ACT boss Michael Hopkins says the building industry is willing to wait, but is urging the government to get the implementation for the plans right.

Mr Hopkins is calling for a 3 to 6 month transition period for the sector once the plans are released.

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