Hanson Goes Against Voice To Parliament


Deputy Canberra Liberals Leader believes there should not be a change to the constitution, amid debates about the Voice to Parliament.

The Voice to Parliament Referendum will be held later this year – and both campaign groups have been vocal.

“I fear entrenching a separate, unelected Voice in the constitution would diminish the power of those elected members and the people they represent,” Mr Hanson said.

“Indigenous Australians in remote Australia have disputed the idea that their very diverse communities can be represented by a group of appointed people as a single voice.

“Jacinta Price, who is married to an Australian of Scottish descent, has described to me how the Voice is something that risks division between families and within marriages.”

Mr Hanson in his opinion piece believes we can still provide the appropriate recognition for our first nation’s people.

“I believe we should all commit to work together to respond to our indigenous peoples with recognition and with legislation but not allow a race-based change to the constitution to divide us.”

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