Health Minister Slams Opposition’s Check-In Stance


ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith has spoken out about the future of the CBR check-in app.

Ms Stephen-Smith says in the future the CBR Check-in app will only be necessary for places like nightclubs – and large events that aren’t ticketed.

She says the list of the venues that will continue to have mandatory use is being refined – and changes are being made to the app for future use. Those changes will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Opposition is calling on the government to scrap the app – saying it no longer serves its purpose.

Ms Stephen-Smith says she found the Canberra Liberals’ stance to be astonishing – and they clearly haven’t learned the lesson about the value of preemptive adaptation in the pandemic.

“Every body, Commonwealth, State and Territory have been talking about the fact we can expect another wave of Covid through winter, and we need to be planning for that,” Ms Stephen-Smith said.

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