Improving Canberra’s Waterways


The A.C.T. Opposition spokeswoman for Environment, Heritage and Water Nicole Lawder has launched ‘A New Approach to Improving Water Quality in Canberra Lakes and Waterways’.

The discussion booklet outlines the issues impacting our lakes and waterways and the possible short-, medium- and long-term solutions available to policymakers.

Although primarily focused on Lake Tuggeranong, which by all accounts has the poorest water quality of all Canberra lakes, the solutions outlined in the booklet are designed to be applicable to all lakes and waterways in the ACT.

“As a proud long-term Tuggeranong resident, I know how valued the lake and its surrounds are by our Southside community,” Ms Lawder said.

“I remember when my family used to go for a swim in Lake Tuggeranong and it’s disappointing that families today can’t share those same wonderful memories.

“This discussion booklet aims to elevate the conversation on improving water quality and cause readers to question how we can do things better in this space. We’re spending millions of ratepayers’ dollars on this issue and the community and our environment deserve to see some real results.”

Amongst its possible solutions, ‘A New Approach to Improving Water Quality in Canberra Lakes and Waterways’ details revisiting water quality targets, reducing inflows of organic materials, improving the maintenance and monitoring of waterways, and publishing an Annual Water Report.

“Many of the ideas outlined in this booklet have been raised with the Labor-Greens Government before. They are backed by experts in the field and the government needs to be willing to engage with them,” Ms Lawder said.

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