Jetstar Gets Another Black Eye


An angry dad has hit out at JETSTAR.. for BOOTING his mother-in-law and kids off a flight.. because they didn’t pay a 35-dollar BAG CHECK-IN FEE.

JAY TEE has taken to social media ..after his family was kicked off the flight from the GOLD COAST  to  MELBOURNE last weekend.

He’ told NewsCorp  his mother-in-law was told to go to the service desk at the airport… and pay the fee – but she FORGOT —  The 4 were then off-loaded. It was only her second time ever flying.

He’s told media that Jetstar contacted him by phone and paid the fee himself within a four minute period but the airline still offloaded the family.

Mr Tee says he was then forced to pay another $600 to book the group on the next flight to Melbourne with discount airline Bonza.

The incident has led to backlash against Jetstar on social media:
“Would have thought Jetstar could have helped in some way, but that sums up Jetstar’s customer service for you. No empathy what so ever.”
“Everyone just has to stop flying with them full stop. … I will never fly them again,”  another person wrote.

As always, this editor invites Jetstar to supply a representative for interview to provide the company’s side of the story.

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