Jetstar Heartless – man forced to buy pen


Talk about  “nickel and diming”

It’s just logical to be courteous when someone asks if they can borrow a pen.

However, a Jetstar Flight Attendant is being ridiculed for using the opportunity to up-sell a customer – then, double-charging the passenger.

Douglas Lazickirk is a frequent flyer.   While he knows he needs a pen to complete an arrivals card,  in this case, he didn’t have one on a flight from Sydney to Seoul.

He reported on Social Media,  when he asked a flight attendant if he could borrow their pen to complete five questions,  he was told  “No, you can’t use my pen but you can buy one for five bucks… or when you arrive, use a pen there”.

The response has stunned TikTok viewers.   In another media interview, he says the flight attendant admitted she had a pen,  but it was her right to deny him.

A very hard remark when there’s nothing to publicly suggest there’d be such a heartless remark from a representative of the airline.

Douglas says another Flight Attendant told him “It’s part of their legal responsibility at Jetstar that they don’t have to supple a pen”.

With this in mind,  it could relate to the airline wanting to force passengers to buy a three in one pen pack for $5.00.

Upon arrival,   Douglas says he discovered he was double-charged.

The refund process is torture as he’s been told they’ll get back to him in three weeks.

Pending approval,  he won’t receive the money until a further 7 to 10 business days.

Jetstar has been asked for comment but has not responded

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