Jetstar Inflight Entertainment Change


Jetstar is axing its inflight entertainment screens.

However,  it won’t have much of an impact on passengers flying on Jetstar  in-and-out of Canberra because the current domestic service does not have any onboard entertainment.

But for passengers connecting on the airline’s international flights,  be prepared to bring your own device or face the prospect of bordom for your international sector.

As part of a revamp, seatback screens will be removed from 787 aircraft and the airline plans to install device holders and power outlets so that passengers can use their own devices to stream content with on-board Wi-Fi.

A Jetstar spokesperson says “The move is aimed at reducing weight and fuel burn”.

Current seat pitch won’t be changed however the size of the business class cabin will increase with nearly double the amount of seats being installed.

2025 is the goal for the new look cabin interiors.


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