Jetstar Passenger Injured But Ignored


An accident involving a Jetstar passenger – who was injured while disembarking one of its planes, has raised questions over safety and on-going communication.

The couple from Brisbane is disappointed with Jetstar’s communication systems after hearing nothing for weeks following a fall from the steps of a Jetstar flight that had flown between Canberra and Brisbane, which resulted in serious injury.

The pair was travelling in early September last year aboard a Jetstar flight  when the man fell on the second last step of the staircase while disembarking.

“He rolled, quite literally, onto the tarmac,” according to the woman who went public with the claim.

The ground crew wanted to call them a taxi and suggested they go home, but the woman insisted on calling an ambulance so they could go straight to the hospital.

At the hospital, they were told the man had cracked four ribs and sprained his wrist — he was in hospital for four nights.

Carla Melbourne from Shine Lawyers, who is familiar with the case, says passengers have rights. She says always document incidents, incase you need them later.

Same goes if you slip in the supermarket”.

She also says it’s important to gather evidence in car accidents – even fender benders.

Take photos and get as much information about the other driver. If they drive off, document what you can and speak with a lawyer as investigations will need CCTV footage to be obtained”.

The couple involved in the Jetstar incident went public about the situation because of the way the airline treated them.

The woman stated that she was told Jetstar would follow up with the incident, but did not hear back from the airline until after media was involved.

“It’s about the occupational health and safety issues that need to be discussed with Jetstar,” she said.

In a final comment from Shine Lawyers’ Carla Melbourne,  “This experience with Jetstar not following up after the injury wasn’t uncommon. Unfortunately, big corporations not getting back to people is something that we see a lot”.

The author of this report reached out to Jetstar but there has not been a reply.

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