Jetstar Punishes Frequent Flyers, Lounge Access Harder


In a move that only further separates Jetstar passengers from earning frequent flyer points, the carrier has introduced new bundles that make it financially harder to obtain mileage for flights.

Want to visit the Business lounge? You need to buy an extra bundle for that privilege.

The new system is now in effect and offers different inclusions and further exclusions that make you second guess if you really want to fly Jetstar with no frills, or walk across to Virgin instead.

The Bundles have been analysed by various aviation enthusiasts.

Matt Graham from Australian Frequent Flyer has gone public with his own take:
“Jetstar’s default fares are still the Economy Starter and Business fares, which are non-refundable.

“If you’re buying an Economy ticket, you can now choose to add a Plus, Flex or Flex Plus bundle for an additional fee”.

An Example of Jetstar fares can be taken from a Melbourne to Cairns flight.

A One Way basic fare is at $127 but without luggage, seat selection or points.
$173 gets you select food and drink, seat selection and a 20kg bag.
An extra $10 gets you the “FLEX” fare, which includes points but not luggage or food
“FLEX PLUS” at $203 gets you the lot.

Virgin offered the same but for just $149

Qantas showed a one-way price of $376 which includes luggage, seat selection and frequent flyer points.

“As part of the recent changes, Jetstar has discontinued its Economy Max bundle which previously came with “Flexible Economy” Qantas points and status credits. It has also removed Qantas points and status credits from its Plus bundle”

It’s a more expensive practice for those who wish to secure frequent flyer points.

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