Jetstar refuses to acknowledge its errors


You’d think Jetstar would want to explore, investigate or acknowledge its recovery fails when things go wrong.

As indicated in OUR PREVIOUS STORY,  Jetstar prefers to apologise than to fix their issues.

The airline still refuses to understand that when flights don’t work out,  they need someone to physically take control and fix the problem facing their guests.   Referring them to a website or telling them to call reservations – or even,  “seek help on Social Media” doesn’t work.

As is the case from  THIS STORY from another publication,  the problem is worse for Jetstar than they think.   I used to work for the airlines and it’s my professional opinion,  Jetstar won’t acknowledge there’s a problem that could easily be fixed.

However, staff at Canberra Airport who want to remain anonymous,  say “they feel for the passengers” but are told there’s nothing they can do due to direction from airline management.    One staff member recited how much (this person) wants to leave because of the grief.  It’s “Not what they signed up for”.

For a flight to cancel, is one thing but a failed recovery process is another.

Felipe Castillo  Mont – Jetstar’s Corporate Communications Manager has not responded to repeated emails for an official statement from Jetstar.   However,  from our earlier story,  you can read his own comments about how impacted passengers should use social media to reach out to the airline,  if there’s a problem.   Having said that,  this policy doesn’t work immediately which is why Jetstar gets such bad publicity in the media.  It’s all because of its own policies.





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