Jetstar Rip Off:- “Worse Than Virgin”


Talk about “Pulling a Swifty” – which appears to have taken on a new meaning.

Keen flyers are being told to be prepared for sticker shock travelling to Sydney or Melbourne.

Hotels and airlines are being accused of cashing in on Taylor Swift’s upcoming Australian tour.

If you’re a Canberra local and you’ve been lucky enough to get a coveted ticket to one of TAYLOR SWIFT’s Sydney or Melbourne shows… you might be in for a rude shock.

An investigation by NewsCorp suggests the cost of a flight with Virgin has more than DOUBLED – and Jetstar almost QUADRUPLED – on select economy ticket prices between BRISBANE and SYDNEY .. ahead of the first concert on February 23 meaning Jetstar’s price gauge is worse than Virgin.

Major hotels in SYDNEY have almost doubled some of their regular room prices – while some holiday rental apartments are going for 18-HUNDRED dollars a night.

Even if you’re not flying for the Taylor Swift concert,  you’re still going to be hit with massive airfare prices.

But tourism bosses say:-  “it is what it is”.

Jetstar is invited to respond to this story with an interview


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