Jetstar Stays Quiet – Ignores Questions


Jetstar continues to ignore media questions about its recovery operations – after yet another incident earlier this week involving passengers in north Queensland.

A plane load of people, bound for Melbourne – had to sleep on the floor of Proserpine Airport, after their flight was cancelled.

The takeoff had to be abandoned after an issue with the plane… but passengers were stranded for about 24 hours.

One Passenger “Simon” went public with media outlets saying it felt like they’d been abandoned by the budget airline:

It’s the same as an incident in Canberra back in December when a Jetstar flight was cancelled – and the airline’s immediate recovery effort failed.

For the past two weeks, Jetstar’s JAMES HANCOCK has ignored direct questions about the airline’s recovery – infact, similar questions put to the airline from February this year have also gone without a response.

However,  Mr HANCOCK did refer us to Jetstar’s news media website and suggested we review some of the airline’s “Positive” stories.

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