Knife Used in Australia Post Robbery


A 37-year-old Torrens man will face the ACT Magistrate’s Court this morning after using a knife in a robbery at the Australia Post store in Dickson yesterday afternoon (Friday 13 October).

Police will allege that at about 4.10pm yesterday the man entered the Australia Post store where he asked staff if he could view some electronic products that were in a locked cabinet.

After viewing the products the man went to the counter to purchase a mobile phone as well as other items. It was then that he produced a wooden knife and demanded that staff place all those items in his bag.

Police will allege a brief struggle then occurred where staff tried to keep some of the items before the man tried to leave the store with the stolen mobile phone but not before swinging the knife at a customer who tried to stop the man from leaving.

After viewing CCTV footage, police identified the man, who was on bail at the time, and later that evening attended his Torrens home where they located him with the same clothing on as the robbery earlier that day as well as the mobile phone box in a car parked in his driveway and subsequently placed the man under arrest.

He has been charged with one count of aggravated robbery with an offensive weapon and will appear before the ACT Magistrate’s Court this morning.

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