Kyrgios’ Car Theft Delay – “Move Forward”


Police and prosecutors have been told to “put their skates on” and submit necessary evidence in the case of a man accused of stealing Nick Kyrgios’ car at gunpoint.

Due to  the ongoing delay,   the court agreed to hear a stay application later this month for the case which could either lead to it being paused or ceased.

It’s been  more than three months since the 33-year-old pleaded not guilty to five charges including aggravated robbery and driving a vehicle without consent.

His lawyer says, the issue was police “failing to produce” evidence, mainly being the body worn camera footage of 11 officers.

According to police documents previously tendered to the court, Kyrgios’ mother answered a knock at the door to find a long-barrelled firearm pointed at her about 8.30am in early May.

Her assailant is said to have demanded the keys to Kyrgios’ bright green Tesla, which was parked in the driveway.

Police say Kyrgios’ mother handed over the keys before screaming for help, alerting her son, who was in the house at the time.

While Kyrgios and his manager, Daniel Horsfall, were on the phone to emergency services, the tennis star used the Tesla app to limit the car’s speed to 80km/h and track its movements for police.

After pursuing the vehicle across several suburbs, police were able to arrest the driver in Ainslie.

The alleged offender is set to face court again later this month.

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