Law Expert Questions Government’s Housing Policy Tactics


More than 300 public housing residents have been given notice to leave their residences, as a part of the ACT government’s most recent housing policy.

The policy aims to build 400 public housing properties, over the next five years.

The notice letters, delivered by Housing ACT, left some residents in distress.

Principal Solicitor of Canberra Community Law, Genevieve Bolton said, the law centre has experienced an increased volume of calls in response to these notices.

“We’re aware that the government is grappling with some very complex policy issues in relation to the fact there is a very severe shortage of public housing stock, in the ACT,” said Ms Bolton.

However, she doesn’t believe the ACT government’s process is the best way forward.

“Tenants were advised this program was voluntary last year, and made decisions based on this,” she said.

Ms Bolton said, the community sector believes, moving from a voluntary program, to one that is about forced relocation with little, to no consultation is fundamentally flawed, and that the lack of information surrounding how this relocation process will be implemented is what is causing distress among the ACT’s public housing residents.


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