Liberals Slam Multicultural Backflip


The Canberra Liberals allege that the ACT Government has failed to keep its promise of constructing a new multicultural events venue at EPIC, which was a significant commitment made before the 2020 election.

Despite the approaching 2024 election, this promise remains unfulfilled. The Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Peter Cain, criticised the government’s plan to refurbish the Fitzroy Pavilion as inadequate, emphasising that it does not match the $21 million venue promised.

The Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Tara Cheyne, defended the refurbishment project during Estimates Hearings, but questions remain about discounted rates for the multicultural community and the start date for construction.

The Canberra Liberals continue to express their disappointment with the government’s failure to deliver on this commitment.

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