Local Council Calls for More from ACT Government


The Inner South Community Council is calling for the ACT Government to carefully consider the environment in its new urban planning policy.

ACT Labor and the Greens have both signed off on voting to adopt policies to change zoning laws to allow multiple houses to be built on all blocks currently on a single dwelling zone, as well as higher density on blocks close to shopping precincts.

Chair of the Inner South Community Council Marea Fatseas, says the territory plan needs to include mandatory rules on green spaces on residential blocks.

”Given that we are in 2023, when climate change is a really critical issue, we must demand that there are mandatory rules on planting areas on blocks… that there is access to natural light and sunlight, and there is protection of open space from overshadowing”.

Ms Fatseas also questioned the government’s approach to planning, suggesting there was no evaluation undertaken on Mr Fluffy affected dwelling sites in the inner south.

The Council held a public forum in early August, discussing this matter with a number of experts.

The summary record and presentations can be found at https://www.isccc.org.au/record-of-public-forum-8-august-2023.

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