Lock Up Your Motor-Bikes


ACT Policing is urging motorcyclists to secure their bikes after an increase in the number of thefts reported to police last year.

In 2022, 98 motorcycles were reported stolen. In 2023, the number increased to 189 and so far in 2024, 90 bikes have been stolen.

Superintendent Road and Proactive Policing Brian Diplock said motorbikes were often easier to steal than motor vehicles as most aren’t fitted with anti-theft technologies like immobilisers.

“Motorcycles are also easier to conceal in garages or on properties which makes them harder for police to locate and return to their owners. Stolen cars are twice as likely to be recovered than stolen motorbikes,” Superintendent Diplock said.

“To better protect your bike, park it in a secure garage where possible. If not, attach it to an immovable object such as a pole.”

A disc lock is also an effective tool to help prevent thefts in the event a motorcycle can’t be parked securely.

“Some motorcycles can be hotwired, bypassing the need to steal the key. A disc brake lock is a deterrent to would-be-thieves because even if they do hotwire the vehicle, they can’t ride off with it.”

If your bike is stolen, please provide a copy of the vehicle’s registration, VIN and a photo of the bike or description available when it is reported to police.

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