“Make it FREE” – Answer to 3G Issue


The new ticketing system for public transport in the ACT is the latest project administered under the

Labor-Greens government that has been significantly delayed which could see fares unable to be

collected for a period of time if not implemented before the 3G network shuts down.


To date, there has been no assurances from the ACT government that the new system, which was

promised in 2016 will be rolled out before the Optus 3G network which the current system relies on

will be switched off or how fares will be collected if the new system is not in place.


Shadow Transport Minister Mark Parton said this is just another example of the Labor-Greens

government being unable to deliver on it’s promises and another delayed project in the transport



“We know the tram won’t reach Woden until at least 2033 at best despite Andrew Barr promising

before the last election it would be completed by 2025 and just recently it was announced the

delivery of new busses has been delayed to the never never despite being promised to arrive in

2022,” Mr Parton said.


“The Labor-Greens government started talking about this new ticketing system during the 2016

election and eight years on we still have no firm date on when it will be delivered.


“If the new system cannot be rolled out before the Optus 3G network ceases the Labor-Greens

government should make public transport free during that period.


“Whilst I am sure the Chief Minister would try and sell this as a measure to help Canberrans during a cost-of-living crisis the fact is it is the only way he can cover up the incompetence of his government.


“Canberrans might finally see some benefit from the gross incompetence of the Labor-Greens

government through free public transport until the new MyWay system is in place,” Mr Parton


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