Man Charged Over Scam


A 28-year-old Harrison man has been arrested after a woman was threatened into handing over approximately $70,000 in cash.

The woman started paying a man in November after she was contacted by an unknown number alleging she had an outstanding debt to the ‘NCA’.

The woman began making regular cash payments.

Police will allege that a scammer demanded the woman sell her house, go through her deceased husband’s accounts and let ‘their representative’ search her premises.

ACT Policing officers were notified of the scam in January 2023 and commenced an investigation into the offences.

During a scheduled collection of money, officers were able to arrest one man, and transported him to the ACT Watch House.

The man was charged with making a demand accompanied by a threat, blackmail and conducting transactions to avoid threshold reporting requirements.

ACT Policing believes that this incident could be part of a larger international crime syndicate and investigations are ongoing.

ACT Policing urges anyone who receives calls of this nature to contact police immediately and never provide personal information to unknown persons.

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