More 737 Max Issues


Just last week reports emerged of parts missing from the 737 Max aircraft prompting a worldwide call for airlines to check their jets.

Now there’s been another incident involving this type of jet.

Alaskan Airlines has now grounded a large number of its fleet – after a window panel blew out – on a flight from Portland Oregon to California

The 177 passengers and crew were onboard the Boeing 737 Max 9 airliner.

The pilot was able to return to Portland for a safe landing.

Incredible descriptions have emerged about the freightening experience onboard the aircraft.

In one case,  a child that was sitting next to the blown out section of aircraft had his shirt ripped off and sucked out of the aircraft.

His mother held on to the child to prevent him from going out with the shirt.

Other passengers had their mobile phones ripped from their hands and out of the plane.

The incident means Boeing is now facing a new series of safety questions about the jet that has a massive history of issues.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it was requiring immediate inspections of Max 9 planes operated by U.S. airlines or flown in the United States by foreign carriers.

The FAA’s emergency order, which it said will affect about 171 planes worldwide, is the latest blow to Boeing over the Max lineup of jets, which were involved in two deadly crashes shortly after their debut.

AUSTRALIA has only has a handful of the controversial Boeing 737 Max jets.

This type of aircraft makes up the entire fleet of vacation airline Bonza which continues negotiations to fly into Canberra.

Virgin has three in operation, but plans to introduce another 11 in 2024.


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