More Support Needed For Social Housing Tenants


ACTCOSS has slammed the Housing and Housing Services Ministers, who tried to defend their Growing and Renewing Public Housing Program.

The government says it will provide 400 extra public housing properties, and 1,000 properties will be renewed or replaced.

ACTCOSS CEO Emma Campbell says the government must provide more support for community organisations helping relocated tenants.

“Ministers Yvette Berry and Rebecca Vassarotti need to explain why it is appropriate that these vulnerable tenants, already distressed by months of uncertainty, have been given just two days to prepare their case to put before a panel organised by Housing ACT,” Dr Cambell said.

“An entity backed by revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars, nearly 300 staff and high-powered legal resources.

“By contrast, many tenants need support to appear in person or online and community sector lawyers and advocates simply cannot be arranged in such limited time. Some tenants will be unable to take time off work, given the short notice,” Dr Campbell said.

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