New Jetstar Flight But Limited P.R. Help


The low cost carrier is increasing its frequency of flights between the National Capital and the Gold Coast.

but instead of talking up the positives, Jetstar media is being unproductive and just going around in circles.

At a time when the airline should be boasting positive news about its service,  a request for an official’s comment has been ignored.

Starting the end of this month,  Jetstar will add a 5th weekly service between the two destinations.

For the past year or so,  the airline only flew on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays.

It was a vast reduction from the previous service offered by its owner Qantas and far less than the frequency offered by Virgin.

The loss of the daily service by Qantas was seen as a huge blow for politicians who used the service to get in and out of Canberra,  as well as leisure travellers who relied on the weekend getaway.

Now,  the additional service for the weekend means anyone flying out on a Friday can enjoy a weekend on the glitter strip and return on a Sunday.

Jetstar has been contacted for a response at a time when positive words would mean so much for Australia’s airline industry right now.

But media spokesperson Emily Gayton failed to provide an official comment from Jetstar staff,  except for what had already been reported,  which ofcourse,  defeats the purpose of an official comment.

The price tag for the flight was also listed in the reply.  Ofcourse,  we all know that this is advertising.

Despite the poor service in the airline’s public relations,  there’s hope for a better future involving Jetstar’s first Sunday flight which is scheduled for October 29.

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