Opposition And Parents Respond To Violence At Calwell High


Parents have expressed shock after claiming they were unaware of the level of violence and bullying at Calwell High School, prior to a prohibition notice.

Some have considered pulling their children out of the school, after being told their kids would have to stay home because of short staffing and not because of violence.

Shadow Education Minister Jeremy Hanson says at the moment a lot of parents have legitimate concerns.

President of the Calwell P & C Annalisa Ross says the community is committed to fixing the issues at the school.

“This is a difficult time for families and the school community. Violence is never OK and it’s distressing to know that people – our hardworking staff – have been hurt,” Ms Ross said.
“The school is committed to a continuous improvement journey. We have great confidence in the positive trends around student behaviours and wellbeing supports. There have been significant improvements in the behavioural management at the school and staff are consistently working with families to support all students.
“We have been very fortunate at Calwell to secure some amazing teachers who continue to support our students and families, and each other. Their loyalty to our school is indicative of the community that we have at Calwell. And for that we are thankful.
“We cannot deny that COVID has made that process more difficult – its impact is far reaching, the uncertainty, and changes between at-home and on-site learning is challenging and we understand it is hard to be patient, but many parents see that there are plans in place to continue improving the school.”

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