P Plate Speeders Lose Licences


A Canberra P-plate driver is without his licence and is more than $1800 poorer after being caught travelling at 147 km/h in a 90 km/h zone on Friday night (13 October).

At about 10.30pm  ACT Policing officers began targeting speed on Caswell Drive in Aranda.

Five minutes later they observed a blue Volkswagen Golf travelling well in excess of the posted 90 km/h limit.

A laser check revealed the car travelling at 147 km/h. Police stopped the driver –a 19-year-old from Bruce – where he produced his provisional licence.

That licence was immediately suspended and a $1841 fine was issued.

Police continue to remind drivers of the need to keep to the speed limit.

Excessive speeding puts the driver, any passengers and other road users at risk.

Police now have the option to issue immediate licence suspension notices as well as seize vehicles if appropriate.

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